Friday, January 25, 2008

dorothy ann murphy lommler

happy birthday to you... happy birthday to you... happy birthday dear gramma... happy birthday to you.

dorothy. dottie. dot. i miss you. i miss your raspy voice. i miss your long, pointy fingernails... always painted bright orange or red (to match your lipstick, of course!) i miss watching you sit at the table in the morning doing crossword puzzles and drinking coffee. i miss our long talks... about everything under the sun... you always listened and never made me feel like a "kid." i miss your wet kisses. i miss your crowded shelves spilling over with all the books you've read. even though i didn't like them (still don't), i miss the rosette radishes you topped the dinner salads with every night. i miss sitting on the floor looking through your photo albums. over and over and over again. i miss hearing you say my name..."taaaraaah."

thank you for teaching me how to do jigsaw puzzles..."find the corners first" and for always letting me do the border, while you did the sky. thank you for teaching me the value of a sand dollar. thank you for stocking the downstairs freezer with frozen snickers... long before i knew about "calories." thank you for letting me play dress up in your cocktail dresses, leopard stilettos and long dangly earrings. thank you for teaching me how to make the best grilled cheese sandwiches in the world..."use alotta butter and mash them down to make 'em crispy!" thank you for the best summers a kid could ever dream of... walks to and days spent on the beach until we were properly crisp- when freckles and suntans were worn as badges of honor, afternoons spent building forts and climbing the lighthouse with my friend robbie, fishing on the end of the dock with grampa, daily seashell hunts, taking cruises on the safari II to watch the sun drop into the sea and building sandcastles... if there was something better, i never knew it and still dont!

funny... when i look back and think about the things we did together... 30 years later...these are my favorite things to do today. my gramma. my friend. happy happy birthday.


Anonymous said...

very sweet. :) I'm so glad you had a relationship with your Grandma. I never had a relationship with any of my grandparents and that always made me sad. I'm glad that you have so many sweet memories to cherish. :)

Alicia P. said...

Gorgeously written. What a beautiful tribute.

Natalie said...

Your blog is beautiful and I love the story. I found your blog from Alicia's and I will look forward to reading it each day!