Wednesday, January 23, 2008

fair warning

wouldnt life be a lot easier if we had fair warning for what we "are walking into"? i know, i would take the "mystery" out of encounters we may learn something from, would shape our experiences with others if we were always prepared for them... of course, youre right. but... i sure wish someone would have been wearing one of these pins today... i would have welcomed a "shaped" experience! who needs mystery on a wednesday morning??? its so unfortunate that there are people who when having a "bad day", feel the need to "inflict" it on everyone around them...on complete and total strangers? what did i do? wrong place? wrong time?

is there an opposite of paying it forward? "billing it back?" hmmm.... now thats one debt i wouldnt want looming over my head.

p.s. this fabulous fair warning pin is available @ one-eyed collie jewelry


Anonymous said...

hehe what a cute pin. :)

eM said...

i found your blog via "posy gets cozy"
what a lovely little bungalow!

I am reading lotsa blogs too and will start my own soon - soon I say!!

if you added an RSS feed link to yours, I would love to keep up with it!
~Mari in Seattle