Tuesday, January 22, 2008

whatta monday....

this was not a "getting things done" sort of day... it was too cold...we decided to stay in...paul built a fire...tino & bunny got their baths (oh they smell soooo good)...i put clean sheets on our bed...we had my mother-in-law's homemade gumbo for both lunch and dinner (yea! no cooking for me)...we snuggled a lot...it was a perfect day.

it snowed a few days ago... here are some photos of tino & bunny playing in our backyard.
bunny is always a bit tenative of getting her feet wet at first, but once she gets into it, she literally turns into a "snow bunny." i love when she runs through the soft snow...her legs are so short, they sink right in, yet she's as fast as a gazelle...what? you've never seen a 3lb gazelle wearing a chartreuse wool sweater playing in the snow???
oh and here is my sweet little angel, tino. he is the most precious thing ever. always so curious about everything...he loves every bit of the snow, but he takes it in at his own pace...here he is with snow all over his face...he's searching for his favorite ball...he knows its there under all that the snow... somewhere...eventually he found it...and all was well with the world again.
this is a loud little lady...howling her head off bc she wasnt ready to come inside...can you say SPOILED ROTTEN??? ahh... i wouldnt change her for the world!


Anonymous said...

they are adorable. I love their sweaters :)

Angie said...

Hi-just found your blog, Love your house! It's beautiful. I too have a Yorkie her name is Maggie. How do you keep their pony tails in? I've tried everything, and it won't stay.